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We love animals, especially photographing them doing the things they love.  We hope you enjoy the photographs we have taken as much as we have enjoyed taking them.



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DASH CPE Agility Trial
09/13/14 & 09/14/14
TeWinkle Park

As usual, the DASH CPE agility trial was a wonderful event. Great turnout and wonderful participation by all of the competitors. Putting on these agility trials really is a team effort and DASH seems to excel at getting everyone to participate together as a team. When this happens, the trial just seems to run so much more smoothly, as this agility trial did. Great event, great location, great people and truly great dogs!!!  It doesn't get much better than this. DASH, thank you for all that you do!!

All the photos have been posted to the website. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them!!! 

DASH AKC Agility Trial
08/09/14 & 08/10/14

ACongratulations to the DASH Agility Club for putting on another wonderful AKC agility event!!  The agility trial was a great success! And a special "Thank You" to all of the volunteers for making the event go so smoothly.

We had a great time photographing all the beautiful dogs doing one of 
the things they love doing most...agility!!

All photos have been posted to the website.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!!


Chase Away K9 Cancer

A portion of all sales proceeds from our photos is donated to Chase Away K9 Cancer.  Because of your generosity, we have been able to contribute over $2,000  since 2008 to this worthy organization. If you are like us and have lost a dog to canine cancer, you know what a devastating disease this is and how important it is to find a cure. Thank you again for your generous support of Chase Away K9 Cancer.


All photographs in our galleries are available for purchase and are also available on mugs, coasters, T-shirts and many more things.

We shoot all our pictures in high resolution RAW format.  The photos that appear in our photo gallery; however,  are low resolution for ease of uploading into the gallery. When you place an order for photos, we then take the high resolution RAW format photo and crop, straighten, sharpen and color correct each photo in your order to ensure that you receive the highest quality print or download.

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