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We love animals, especially photographing them doing the things they love.  We hope you enjoy the photographs we have taken as much as we have enjoyed taking them.



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DASH USDAA Agility Trial
TeWinkle Park Costa Mesa
06/27/15 & 06/28/15

DASH puts on some of the best agility trials anywhere....well run, well organized and simply a whole lot of fun!!! This weekend was no exception.   A great event, as always!!

Unfortunately, I was not able to photograph both day of this event due to some prior personal commitments.   I was able to photograph the agility trial on Saturday but was unable to photograph the event on Sunday. The good news is that I was able to photograph events in both rings so there are photos of all the dogs that participated in this event on Saturday.

All photos from Saturday's event have been posted to our photo gallery. We hope you enjoy the photos!!!


DASH UKI Agility Trial
TeWinkle Park, Costa Mesa

Nothing better than taking a day off of work to photograph an agility trial - especially when it is a DASH sponsored agility Costa Mesa....on a beautiful sunny day!! Such were the circumstances for my photographing the DASH UKI Agility Trial on June 26th at TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa!  DASH always puts on first class events and this was even more relaxed and fun than usual...because it was on a Friday. Everyone had a great time, enjoyed their runs and enjoyed the beautiful Southern California weather! It just doesn't get much better than this!!

All the photos for this event have been posted to our photo gallery. Enjoy!!


West L.A. Obedience Training Club (WLAOTC)
Agility Trial
05/02/15 &05/03/15

Hats off to the WLAOTC team for putting together a wonderful agility trial in all respects. And it was great seeing Todd Benson judging the agility as he is a Southern California favorite!! It was a wonderful event and the weather was spectacular....nothing like getting that ocean breeze in the afternoons!!

All photos for this event have been posted to our photo gallery.  We appreciate your patience as it took a bit longer than we expected to get the photos posted to our gallery. We truly hope you enjoy the photos!! 


USDAA Regionals
04/24/15 & 04/25/15 & 04/26/15
Camarillo, CA

The USDAA Regionals certainly lived up to their billing. Great competition and great fun!!! Thanks to DART for putting on this wonderful event. It was way too much fun!!!

All photos from this event have been posted to our photo gallery.  We are sure your are going to love the photos, so take a look and enjoy!!

Jumpin' K-9's ASCA Agility Trial
04/11/15 & 04/12/15
Temecula, CA

Wow!! Was this ever an action-packed weekend...great competition, great fun and great food at one of the most beautiful agility locations in all of Southern California!!!

Congratulations to all the organizers, workers, volunteers and competitors who made this weekend so special! Thanks to Cindy Valdez for putting on these terrific ASCA trials. Thanks to Joel Parker for  his always fabulous cooking. Thanks to Casey's lacrosse team for doing most of the jump setting and leash running...and most importantly thanks to all the competitors who make these events so special.

What a great turnout!  Do you realize there were almost more novice competitors than elite competitors! That is awesome since the novice competitors are the ones that will propel these agility trials into the future.

If you haven't been to a Jumpin' K-9's ASCA agility trial, you are really missing something. Please check the Jumpin' K-9's website for upcoming agility trial dates.

All photos for this event have been posted to  our photo gallery. We hope you enjoy the photos!!!


DASH USDAA Agility Trial
04/04/15 & 04/05/15
TeWinkle Park

DASH always puts on great agility trials and this weekend was no exception. Two rings, two judges, and clockwork precision in managing the event. It is always a pleasure going to a DASH agility trial because it shows exactly how an agility trial should run. Kudos to all of the organizers, workers and volunteers that always make these DASH events such a huge success!!

All photos for this event have been posted to our photo gallery. We hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!!


2015 Calendar

02/08/15 - UDAC CPE Agility Trial
02/14/15 & 02/15/15 - Tri-County ASCA Agility Trial
03/28/15 & 03/29/15 - Jumpin' K-9's ASCA Agility Trial
04/04/15 & 04/05/15 - DASH USDAA Agility Trial
04/11/15 & 04/12/15 - Jumpin' K-9's ASCA Agility Trial
04/24/15 - 04/26/15 - USDAA Regionals Agility Trial
05/02/15 & 05/03/15 - WLAOTC CPE Agility Trial

06/27/14 & 06/28/15 - DASH USDAA Agility Trial
08/08/14 & 08/09/15 - DASH AKC Agility Trial
09/12/15 & 09/13/15 - DASH CPE Agility Trial (tentative)
10/10/15 & 10/11/15 - DASH AKC Agility Trial
12/19/15 & 12/20/15 - DASH USDAA Agility Trial (tentative)


Chase Away K9 Cancer

A portion of all sales proceeds from our photos is donated to Chase Away K9 Cancer.  Because of your generosity, we have been able to contribute over $2,000  since 2008 to this worthy organization. If you are like us and have lost a dog to canine cancer, you know what a devastating disease this is and how important it is to find a cure. Thank you again for your generous support of Chase Away K9 Cancer.


All photographs in our galleries are available for purchase and are also available on mugs, coasters, T-shirts and many more things.

We shoot all our pictures in high resolution RAW format.  The photos that appear in our photo gallery; however,  are low resolution for ease of uploading into the gallery. When you place an order for photos, we then take the high resolution RAW format photo and crop, straighten, sharpen and color correct each photo in your order to ensure that you receive the highest quality print or download.

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